Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Birthdays and Valentines

This past weekend was so fun! Not only was it Jared's 25th birthday and Valentines day (or Valentimes day as some of us like to say it...), we had a new little addition born into our family. Jared's sister Brandy and her husband Dave welcomed baby Cooper into the world on Friday. He is such a cute little boy! We are so glad he is here and that he and Brandy are doing so well.

We celebrated Jared's birthday by going to a movie, opening presents, washing the car (the car that hadn't been washed in a year...), going out to dinner with the fam, and visiting baby Cooper in the hospital. Jared didn't mind sharing his birthday celebration with Cooper this year, I think he's quite a proud uncle. I got Jared a kettlebell for his birthday, and I'm already sore from trying to use it! Whew, what a workout!

Valentines day was a nice day, we went to church and then spent a relaxing evening at home. We made steaks for our very first time, and they turned out great! Thanks mom for the recipe!

Until next time, ta ta for now!


erikaon8 said...

I am glad you guys had a great Valentines. Cooper is such a cutie!

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

Oh my heck your nephew is so cute, and he looks like an Olsen! Happy late Birthday to Jared, I bet you both feel old, I know I do!

Connie and Jimbob said...

Hey, two posts in two months--hooray! I think your car feels better, by the way.

Rob and Tammy said...

Keep those post a comin'