Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a bowl of cherries and a bit of style

I found out today that I like cherries. I always thought I didn't, but a co-worker brought in a bag of cherries from her very own cherry tree today, and they looked delectable! So shiny and red and plump... I couldn't resist trying one. After I did, I realized that I have been missing out on quite a wonderful and delicious fruit. The only downfall is the pit that you have to avoid breaking your teeth on and eventually spit out.

One more thing. My sister-in-law Brandy has launched an extremely cute etsy shop called Just Our Style. The shop has handmade items made by Brandy, Sarah, Tammy, and eventually myself (I'm still working on posting a painting or two...). So, if you have the time, check out http://www.justourstyle.etsy.com/. I think you'll find something that you might not be able to live without! (P.S. All of the handmade cards by Brandy are on sale until June 21st!)